Our Story




Bistrot St Jean

If there was one thing you should know about us, we are driven by passion. Passion for our work, our profession and passion for people.  Having met three years ago whilst working together in Queenscliff on The Bellarine, we knew that we would one day create something together – for ourselves. Something truly unique and magic for Geelong.




Driven by Passion

Co-owner, Tony Ciach was born and raised on the Bellarine to European parents. Passionate about work and customer service he worked across Australia in Melbourne and the Gold Coast before returning to Geelong in 2010.

French-born Stephane McGlynn started his journey as a Chef as an apprentice in restaurant Chalon en Champagne France, where he learned a passion for traditional French cuisine.  He moved to Geelong in 2006, working in some of the best restaurants on the Bellarine and the Surf Coast since then.